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Excel spreadsheet of documents available to all subscribers. *July 2020*

Compliance News for IFAs - 41 - Spring 2019
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Compliance News for IFAs - 40 - Summer 2018
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Compliance News for IFAs - 39 - October 2017
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Compliance News has been issued since June 2004 and is operated & written by Phil Dibb who worked at PIA/FSA from 1997 to 2002.

Phil also he runs his own Compliance Consultancy firm, spending the majority of his time auditing and training IFAs on compliance and T & C issues.

In addition, he is Chairman to a number of compliance forums held around the UK.

Compliance News is a support service designed to benefit all directly authorised IFA firms across the UK.

A free newsletter / bulletin is also issued periodically to over 21,000 IFAs and compliance staff in the UK.

Our main offering is a subscription service - we call this the 'Premier Service' - this has two CORE BENEFITS:

1. Subscribers automatically receive regular updates of key Regulatory changes (every six weeks unless something topical     cannot wait)

2. Subscribers have access to a wide range of Regulatory documents (Excel on the top left hand-side) 

As the industry settles into a post RDR era we envisage that a number of IFAs may decide to go 'restricted'. Compliance News will serve both IFAs and restricted advisers as we believe that many Compliance issues will be very similar across each group.

Our objective is for the small / medium / large regional directly authorised to continue to be a success across the Financial Services industry.

Compliance News Premier Service Subscription Form.

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